$0.99 at Smashwords
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$0.99 at Smashwords
for Nook, iPad, Sony
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New Fiction E-Book out now for Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.

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Greed, hubris, and selfish desires short-sheet the outposts of the solar system, who then send forces out to take what they need without trade nor barter. Eventually, all the planets send forth ATTACK FORCES to deal with those who they think have wronged them!


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A New Science Fiction Book

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The privatized Martian colonies get taken over by a Consortium of powerful nations on Earth after the untimely death of the founding billionaire. At first things are cordial with no operational changes but after a few years the Consortium makes edict after edict along with budget cuts that infuriate the workers. There are confrontations and protests between workers and staff. This prompts the Consortium to send military police to keep order on the colony. Families of Martian workers are uprooted from their homes without notice or warning and moved miles away in an effort to isolate them from the Consortium staff. The Martian children are singled out by the Consortium as being unwanted on the colony. Finally, it all comes to a head when orders are issued to remove all the Martian founders, long-time workers and children sending them down to Earth, by force if necessary. The young Martians take over the colony in a surprise operation and decide to send the Consortium people back to Earth. This leads to armed conflict between the powerful Earth nations who are funding the Consortium and the Martian colonists in a winner take all battle to control the destiny of life on Mars.

eBook now available for Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, Kobo, etc. $2.99 to buy.



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  New Fiction E-Book THE CURE due out in 2017

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